Our Clean Room

Our Certified Clean Room - ISO 14644 Certified & Indiana Compliant Facility.

We've always been about bringing you the best tasting juice, best service and cleanest product available without sparing any expenses. We developed this clean room from the ground up to support our new manufacturing initiative to bring you the highest quality product possible.

We are now one of only three Indiana Certified & Compliant E-Liquid Manufacturing facilities in the United States. We bottle for some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Akua, Lizard Juice, AMP and many more to come as Indiana laws force brands to find a certified source.

Our commitment to excellence is second to none. What it means to be ISO 14644 certified does not only mean we passed a test, it means we continue to pass inspections and that our quality is unparalleled. Come see the difference today by joining us and taking your e-liquid brand to Indiana and beyond.